UC2 ESP32 Flashing Tool

User-friendly tools to flash/upload the firmware for the openUC2 ESP32 device in the browser:

Pick your UC2 PCB and flash the software using the browser! No programming or other software required.

Test the Firmware

An online Tool will enable you to connect to the ESP and control certain hardware elements. Follow this link, select the ESP32 and hit e.g. the LED on button.

Flash the Firmware

This webpage will install UC2-ESP. To get started, connect an ESP device to your computer and hit the button (we assume you installed the CH340 or CP2102 driver; The links to the drivers will be suggested if no Serial device is found by the browser.).

Note: This is only available on Chrome or Microsoft Edge. 

Advanced Users

We provide two firmware versions: V1 (deprecated) and V2. The latter is implemented in the standard. You can find more information on their dedicated github repositories:

Viewing logs & sending commands

ESP Web Tools allows users to open a serial console to see the logs and send commands.

Screenshot showing ESP Web Tools dialog with a console showing ESPHome logs and a terminal prompt to sent commands.

Screenshot showing the ESP Web Tools logs & console Based on the ESPHome Web-Tool.